Jerseys & Patches



Back in 2006, the NMHockey league moved away from basic league practice jerseys to a much nicer, higher quality sweater. The NMHockey jerseys are custom made by OT Sports. Each player that signs up as a rostered member of the league must purchase a set of the blue and white jerseys. This is the only set of jerseys a player is required to purchase even if they move between divisions.



Shortly after the jerseys were introduced, the league created several different jersey patches to recognize players as they reached different milestones:

5_10yr_Patches5  year patch – Given to players upon their 5 year anniversary as a member of the league.
10  year patch – Replaces the 5 year patch and is given to players upon their 10 year anniversary as a member of the league.

* Special 5 and 10 year patches were created for the founding members that are still playing in the league. They are decorated with the 4 colors of the original 4 teams (Red, Blue, Black and White) for which the teams were named.

“Click” here to open printable PDF for correct placement of Anniversary Patches


Champ_PatchesChampionship patches – Players are given a trophy patch when they win their first championship game in the league. Players are given a championship bar for each division championship game they win.  Each divisional level has its own colored championship bar:
Blue = E Division
Yellow = D Division
Red = C Division
Green = B2 and B1 Divisions.


“Click” here to open printable PDF for correct placement of Championship Patches


FRPFundraising Patches – In 2014 the NMHockey league held a season long fundraiser for the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. As a part of this fundraiser, a patch set was created to award the top fundraiser from each division. The patch set includes a main patch and a smaller, specific fundraising patch which is placed within the main patch. Future league fundraisers will have the additional specific patches created for them.




“Click” here to open printable PDF for correct placement of Fundraising Patches