the League

League Format

NMHockey currently has (4) E division teams, (4) D division teams, (4) C division teams, (4) B2 division teams and (4) B1 division teams. Note: The numbers of teams in each division can change each season depending on player registration.

E = Beginner
D = low – mid level Intermediate
C = high level Intermediate – low/mid level Competitive
B = high level Competitive – better

Each team consists of 10 skaters and a goalie. (Substitutions are provided for players unable to make a game.)
Team rosters are randomly drawn at the beginning of each season by that season’s captains. Teams are then announced at our team unveiling party.
Each game has 2 USA Hockey sanctioned referees plus scorekeepers/announcer.
See below for game days and times.

Game Days and Times

  • E Division Sundays – 6:45PM & 8:15PM
  • B2 Division Mondays – 7:00PM & 8:30PM
  • D Division Mondays – 7:00PM & 8:30PM
  • C Division Wednesdays – 7:00PM & 8:30PM
  • B1 Division Thursdays – 7:00PM & 8:30PM

All games are played at the Outpost Ice Arena on Tramway Blvd.

Season Format
A season consists of a pre-season clinic(s) or practice, regular season and a post-season with playoffs and championship/consolation
Every player gets the same number of games regardless of regular or post-season standings.
Inquiries from new players accepted year round. New players can join the substitute pool and will be considered for mid-season vacancies.

Game Format
Games are 1hr 15min in length.
(3) 20 min runtime periods.
5 min warm up and 1.5 min breaks between periods.



  • Skates (of course)
  • Stick
  • Shin Guards
  • Socks
  • Cup or Pelvic Protector
  • Breezers (Pants)
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Helmet

The following equipment is not required, but is HIGHLY recommended:

  • Chest Protection
  • Shoulder Protection
  • Mouth Guard

Note: If you do not own gear and wish to try playing before you commit to purchasing, please contact me as I have skater equipment in various sizes you can borrow.


  • Championship Cup – “Norskie Cup”
  • Sportsmanship Award
  • features league standings, stats, schedule, photos and more.
  • Each year NMHockey hosts several social events, such as team unveiling parties, Halloween party, etc….
  • League Merchandise