Our goal is to promote the game of ice hockey through the introduction and education of new players. The outcome of the games, though important, is not what we are striving for. If, at season's end, a player can reflect on the season and see improvement in his/her play, we have achieved our goal.
Simply put, we want a person to BECOME A BETTER HOCKEY PLAYER.
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Rules & Policies

NMHockey League Policies and Procedures

(Revision 3.0 – 1-1-13)

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The NMHockey league has its roots in the summer of 2002 when no league existed for beginner men or women to learn to play ice hockey, where they could have fun and develop their skills in a non-threatening environment.

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Norskie Cup

Modeled after the NHL Stanley cup, the Norskie cup was created in 2004 by Jim & Joe Hanson. ┬áThe Norskie cup is named after Jim & Joe’s father’s nickname, Philip “Norskie” Hanson.

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