Welcome to the 2017 Fall Season!

Rosters and Schedule

All 2017 Fall Season Rosters can be found under each division’s “Teams” page. You can also find printable PDF rosters on the “Teams” pages.  The full season schedule can be found via the “Schedule” page and printable PDF schedules can be found on this page as well. We will have the business card schedules for you at your practice or clinic. If you are unable to make the first week, be sure to get your business card schedule from your captain the first week you play.

Team Names Theme

This season’s team names are NHL Arenas. This is a theme that has been floated for a number of years by several individuals, so we thought it about time to use it. It is also a theme where there are enough names that we could accommodate all the teams at the Outpost and the MAC. Unfortunately, we could not use all that were available, but we tried to pick out the top 28. The “top 28” is a matter of opinion of course. We took a few liberties and used the arena’s nickname in some cases.

1Amalie ArenaThe Ice PalaceLightning
2American Airlines CenterStars
3Bell CentreCanadiens
4Bridgestone ArenaSmashvillePredators
5Canadian Tire CentreSenators
6Honda CentersDucks
7KeyBank CenterSabres
8Little Ceasars ArenaThe JoeRed Wings
9Nationwide ArenaBlue Jackets
10Pepsi CenterAvalanche
11PNC ArenaHurricanes
12Purdential CenterDevils
13Rogers ArenaCanucks
14Scotiabank SaddledomeThe DomeFlames
15Scottrade CenterBlues
16Staples CenterKings
17TD GardenBruins
18United CenterMadhouse on MadisonBlackhawks
19Verizon CenterCapitals
20Wells Fargo CenterFlyers
21Xcel Energy CenterThe XWild
22T-Mobile ArenaKnights
23SAP CenterThe Shark TankSharks
24PPG Paints ArenaPenguins
25Madison Square GardenThe GardenRangers
26Gila River ArenaCoyotes
27Barclays CenterIslanders
28Air Canada CentreThe HangarMaple Leafs

Raffle Winners

We also did another drawing for all those registered to a team this season. Congratulations to those players whose names were drawn!! We will have your items for you the first night you play.

Raffle Winners:
Michael Rogers – Hockey Tape and Wax
Scott Feuille – Skate Blade Sharpener
Chris Murray – NMHockey Hat
Katy White – NMHockey T-Shirt
Caleb Garrett – NMHockey T-Shirt
Chris Sandoval – $50 MAC Gift Card
Scott Hastings – $50 Outpost Gift Card
Jeris Fertig – $50 credit for NMHockey Jersey set