Welcome to the 2018 Spring Season!

Rosters and Schedule

All 2018 Spring Season Rosters can be found under each division’s “Teams” page. You can also find printable PDF rosters on the “Teams” pages.  The full season schedule can be found via the “Schedule” page and printable PDF schedules can be found on this page as well. We will have the business card schedules for you at your practice or clinic. If you are unable to make the first week, be sure to get your business card schedule from your captain the first week you play.

* Tuesday MAC Rosters and Schedule forthcoming.

Team Names Theme

As the Winter Olympics are starting in February, this season’s team names are countries with the top International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) men’s & women’s hockey teams.

Raffle Winners

We conducted a raffle drawing for all those registered to a team this season at both the Outpost and MAC. Congratulations to those players whose names were selected!! We will have your items for you the first night you play.

Raffle Winners:
Jane Ferrizz – A&R Multi Tool Screwdriver
Geoff Stone – A&R Skate Mate Helmet Repair Kit
Mike Fleigle – Green Biscuit Practice Puck
Michael Aragon – Fan Fever Goal Light Pen
James Brickey – Under Armour Rival Cotton Hoody
Chad Pierce – Pro Gaurd Sweet Stick
Erv Sloboda – 2 rolls black hockey tape and Howies blade wax
Meg Pusateri – 2 rolls black hockey tape and Howies blade wax
Mark McCoy – NMHockey T-Shirt
Ross Zuercher – NMHockey T-Shirt
Joe Baiardo – $50 MAC Gift Card
Travis Doran – $50 Outpost Gift Card