Welcome to the 2018 Fall Season!

Rosters and Schedule

All 2018 Fall Season Rosters can be found under each division’s “Teams” page. You can also find printable PDF rosters on the “Teams” pages.  The full season schedule can be found via the “Schedule” page and printable PDF schedules can be found on this page as well. If you did not get your business card schedules at the kickoff party, we will have them for you at your practice or clinic. If you are unable to make the first week, be sure to get your business card schedule from your captain the first week you play.

Team Names Theme

Candy Bars!!! We have had this theme in the queue for quite some time. We are happy to finally use it!

Raffle Winners

We conducted a raffle drawing for all rostered players that attended the kickoff party. Congratulations to the winners!!

Raffle Winners:
Roll of Hockey Tape – Mike Manfre
Roll of Hockey Tape – Chris Boydston
Roll of Hockey Tape – NMHockey T-Shirt – Ashley Ganley
NMHockey T-Shirt – Wes Plimpton
NMHockey Hat – Curtis Ware
Multi-Tool Screwdriver – Gene Wheet
Helmet Repair Kit – Raymond Ucci
Re-Edger Skate Sharpening Tool – Wendy Hansen
Hockey Goal Light Night Light – Mike Fleigle
Half-Season Credit for 2019 Spring – Jordan Meadows
Half-Season Credit for 2019 Spring – Beau Baigas
Hockey Practice Ball – Peter Renslow

5 and 10 Year Anniversaries
Thank you to all these players for their ongoing commitment to the league!

5 Years:
Mike Niehaus
Matt Barr
Mark Hennie
Erika Cole
Peter Dunn
Sean McAfee
Kyle Lewis
Toby Rich
Steve Flynn
Bill Mayers

10 Years:
Tyler Branch
Rob Ferrizz
Gil Garduno
John Jones
Kellie Lacy
Stephanie Schultz