Welcome to the 2019 Spring Season!

Rosters and Schedule

All 2019 Spring Season Rosters can be found under each division’s “Teams” page. You can also find printable PDF rosters on the “Teams” pages.  The full season schedule can be found via the “Schedule” page and printable PDF schedules can be found on this page as well. If you did not get your business card schedules at the kickoff party, we will have them for you at your practice or clinic. If you are unable to make the first week, be sure to get your business card schedule from your captain the first week you play.

Team Names Theme

We thought we would go back to a hockey theme. This season is the AHL. We have pulled team names from this group in the past and it is always a favorite. They have some great names and logos.

Raffle Prizes and Winners

Drawing for MAC Rostered Players only:
Gatorade Water Bottle – Mike Roybal
Roll of Black Tape – Mike Tafuro
NMHockey T-shirt – Jessica Bobeck
MAC 2019 Fall Half Season Credit – Alex Lappin

Drawing for Outpost Rostered Players only:
Gatorade Water Bottle – John McCoy
Roll of Black Tape – Jason Brannock
NMHockey T-shirt – Don Gibson
Outpost 2019 Fall Half Season Credit – Erika Cole

Drawing for All Rostered Players:
Roll of Black Tape and Blade Wax – Aaron Brown
NMHockey Hat – Michael Geisseler
AR Multi-Tool Screwdriver – Alex Wehner
AR Helmet Repair Kit – Zach Currie
AR “The Re-Edger” Handheld Skate Sharpener – Cody Holmes
Hat Trick BBQ Tool Set – James Yarnell
AR Reaction Ball – Tim Morelock
Green Biscuit Practice Pucks – John Canavan
Sklz Lateral Resistor Pro – Austin Hall