Welcome to the 2019 Fall Season!

Rosters and Schedule

All 2019 Fall Season Rosters can be found under each division’s “Teams” page. You can also find printable PDF rosters on the “Teams” pages.  The full season schedule can be found via the “Schedule” page and printable PDF schedules can be found on this page as well (Note: the printable schedules will not be available until after week 1). Your captain should be reaching out to you prior to your first scheduled time on the ice.

Team Names Theme

The team names for the Outpost are the top (arguable by many, I’m sure) Marvel heroes and the MAC are the top DC heroes. The two universes shall never meet!

Raffle Prizes and Winners

Drawing for MAC Rostered Players only:
Bauer Water Bottle – Greg Maynard
Roll of Black Tape – Josh Clifford
NMHockey T-shirt – Jairek Lyons
AR Helmet Repair Kit – Tim Kohlrust
MAC 2019 Spring Quarter Season Credit – Derek Glover

Drawing for Outpost Rostered Players only:
Bauer Water Bottle – Brooke Wilson
Roll of Black Tape – Chris Winter
NMHockey T-shirt – John Bailey
AR Helmet Repair Kit – Mike Barr
Outpost 2020 Spring Half Season Credit – Michael Rogers

Drawing for All Rostered Players:
Roll of Black Tape and Blade Wax – Ryan Nagano
AR Multi-Tool Screwdriver – Beau Baigas
AR “The Re-Edger” Handheld Skate Sharpener – Scott Underhill
Playmobil NHL Stanley Cup Presentation Set – Bryan Gilliland
GloveStix deodorizer – George Tatarian
AR Reaction Ball – Michael Bawden
Green Biscuit Practice Pucks – Jason Foist
Sklz Lateral Resistor Pro – Rob Mitchell

5 and 10 Year Anniversary Patches

The following players have reached the 5 and 10 year milestones playing in the league. Thank you for your continued support of the league!

10 Years:
Ben Curry
Jane Ferrizz
Ryan Nagano
Dennis Rand
Gordon Rice
David Steidley

5 Years:
Rick Harrison
Devin Lachowsky
Tom Peckham
Zach Starkey
Charlie Villanueva

Below are those players that reached their 5 or 10 year previously, but had not yet received their patches or mention.

Petr Anderson – 10
John Bailey – 10
Matt Beckmann – 10
Sam Bergamo – 10
Taylor Cannon – 10
Brian Heller – 10
Kurt Krueger – 10
Joe Moralde – 10
Lea Morrison – 10
John Turon – 10
Gene Wheet – 10
Amanda Downing – 5
Mike Fleigle – 5
Sarah Hostetler – 5
Chris Geherin – 5
Kris Metzger – 5
Jason Selken – 5