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Baby RuthTony Stroup113584
Baby RuthRobert Gonzales103254
Baby RuthMichael Shuster112350
Baby RuthAdrian Hernandez102617432
Baby RuthRicardo Garcia122244
Baby RuthScott Hastings101315282
Baby RuthDion Wells88152317
Baby RuthCory Calvert1198176
Baby RuthStephen Flynn61012
Baby RuthPaul Maloney51014
Baby RuthBrian Sweet40110
Baby RuthTom Peckham20110
Baby RuthChris Sobie10110
Baby RuthLouis Kinney110000
Baby RuthMike Roybal00000
ButterfingerThomas Spoon103252
ButterfingerDustin Taylor101454
ButterfingerScot Morin121342
ButterfingerAdam Sauers1214203414
ButterfingerMarty Lawler112130
ButterfingerJoe Baiardo100332
ButterfingerJoel Meyers7128206
ButterfingerGreg Maynard80222
ButterfingerTony Libaridian1174112
ButterfingerJan Fiala80110
ButterfingerAndrew Fierro90000
ButterfingerCody Holmes00000
3 MusketeersRaymond Ucci963915
3 MusketeersDevin Seeliger1135812
3 MusketeersToby Rich84372
3 MusketeersSpenser Millburn93254
3 MusketeersChris Maes43252
3 MusketeersJoshua Schaber103140
3 MusketeersSteven Burgin122134
3 MusketeersTom Mebust12135180
3 MusketeersJulia Plews80110
3 MusketeersWill Thompson90000
3 MusketeersGeoff Stone60000
100 GrandBill Lemon114590
100 GrandTodd Schwarz111560
100 GrandBrad McConnell81346
100 GrandAlex Lappin1219173618
100 GrandSteve Cobb112013334
100 GrandNick Redl12130
100 GrandJason Weir111415292
100 GrandPatrick Short1198172
100 GrandErv Sloboda1265114
100 GrandSteve Walsh80110
100 GrandJordan Meadows80000