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Baby RuthAdrian Hernandez154025652
Baby RuthScott Hastings172025452
Baby RuthCory Calvert181912316
Baby RuthDion Wells88152317
Baby RuthMichael Shuster1755104
Baby RuthRobert Gonzales176398
Baby RuthRicardo Garcia192794
Baby RuthTony Stroup123586
Baby RuthPaul Maloney121676
Baby RuthMike Roybal72468
Baby RuthChris Sobie52460
Baby RuthTom Peckham90226
Baby RuthStephen Flynn61012
Baby RuthBrian Sweet40110
Baby RuthLouis Kinney170000
ButterfingerAdam Sauers1822295116
ButterfingerJoel Meyers91592412
ButterfingerTony Libaridian1688164
ButterfingerScot Morin1839124
ButterfingerJoe Baiardo162686
ButterfingerCody Holmes54262
ButterfingerJan Fiala133360
ButterfingerThomas Spoon103252
ButterfingerDustin Taylor161454
ButterfingerGreg Maynard151454
ButterfingerMarty Lawler152240
ButterfingerAndrew Fierro150002
3 MusketeersTom Mebust191811290
3 MusketeersRaymond Ucci141251717
3 MusketeersToby Rich1478156
3 MusketeersDevin Seeliger18581318
3 MusketeersChris Maes9831115
3 MusketeersSpenser Millburn155496
3 MusketeersJoshua Schaber163474
3 MusketeersSteven Burgin183254
3 MusketeersJulia Plews151230
3 MusketeersWill Thompson140000
3 MusketeersGeoff Stone80000
100 GrandAlex Lappin1928225026
100 GrandSteve Cobb183019494
100 GrandJason Weir181923424
100 GrandNick Redl171420342
100 GrandPatrick Short181311246
100 GrandBill Lemon1785132
100 GrandErv Sloboda1967134
100 GrandTodd Schwarz18111124
100 GrandBrad McConnell142356
100 GrandSteve Walsh120110
100 GrandJordan Meadows90000
100 GrandGabe Aragon40000