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Information posted to NMHockey website for 2017 Spring MAC season.

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We would like to start the new season around the second week of January and run the season for 20 weeks. There would be 16 regular season games with a 3 week round-robin with a final week championship and consolation game. Everyone get the same number of games. The schedule would remain the same. The intermediate-advanced group would stay on Tuesdays and the beginner-intermediate would stay on Thursdays. The times would also be the same, but will likely shift to an hour earlier once youth hockey finishes up.

We would like to keep the core of the current teams together, but tweak them a little to better balance them out.

As previously mentioned, we eventually need to get the skater fees to around $20-$21 per game (half that for goalies). Providing there are no unexpected cost increases to ice or referees, we will continue to slowly increase fees over the next year. The cost for the 20 week season would be $380 or… $19 per game. This can be split into 2 payments of $190 if desired. We understand finances may be tight during the holidays, so if you need to break payments up into 4 payments that can be arranged. Just talk to me in advance and we can discuss terms of payment. There will still be a PayPal option, but I can no longer float the fees. (The cost would be $392 for the full season payment via PayPal.) Players who’s skill level permits them to play in the leagues on both Tuesday and Thursday will be given a $40 multi-league discount.

We would like to start signing players up in a couple weeks and have 40 skaters and 4 goalies on Tuesdays and Thursdays signed up by the first week of January.

BTW – To show my appreciation to all of you that sign up for the first official season, I am having some “MAC 88” patches made to recognize the original 88 members to the MAC league.

More to come soon!


All remaining league fees are due today for the abbreviated season. If the balance is something different than the available PayPal options below, please use the option that is greater than the balance. I will refund the difference via PayPal.

MAS Payment Options


I’m happy to announce we have filled all 44 roster spots for the Tuesday night league. We will be working this weekend to get the teams put together, as well as the schedule. We plan to have this ready by Sunday evening. The captains for Tuesday nights are Joshua Schaber, Tony Stroup, Chris Pell and Oscar Solis.

In the interim, please plan to be available at either game time of 8:00PM or 9:45PM. I will work with the captains to figure out we will manage jersey colors, but players should plan to have a dark and a light jersey available. The players that played last season that have their team jerseys are welcome to use those, but we will just need to figure out the best way handle this.

We will have more details soon.


I’m very pleased to announce we signed up 40 skaters and 4 goalies (4 full teams) for the Thursday night league! Registration for the Thursday league is now officially closed.

I am also pleased to announce our captains for Thursday night are Mike Geier, Josh Clifford, Tim Morelock and Jennie Pierce. All 4 of these individuals currently play or have played at the MAC, as well as have captained teams at the Outpost with NMHockey. Each of them bring an understanding of all of the NMHockey rules and have proven to be great team leaders.

We will have more information for all of you over the coming days. We may not have the rosters and schedule set until early next week, but the league will launch next Thursday as planned.

More to come!


I am excited to announce we have all the details for the abbreviated season! I appreciate all the great feedback over the past several weeks. Although there are many varying ideas and opinions on what the format for the league should be, almost everyone expressed a desire for something more organized. I can promise you we will do everything we can to provide you all with the most organized program we can with the goal of making all the games fun and competitive.  I hope you all stick around for the ride!

We know you may have a lot of questions as this is a very big format change to what many of you are used to. In order to provide the important details here in a concise manner and not clutter it up with a lot of other stuff, we have created an FAQ link. You can find answers based on many of the questions players have been asking over the past few weeks, as well as answers to questions the details below will likely raise. To view the FAQ, follow this link: NMHockey-MAC-FAQ

We will be kicking the season off Tuesday, October 25th and Thursday, October 27th. See details below.

Online registration (Link is below) is open now for the abbreviated season. Players that have been playing at the MAC will be given priority until Monday, October 17th after which registration will be open to players from our waiting list and the current NMHockey players. Registration will close for everyone when we have 40 skaters and 2 goalies rostered for both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

General Info:

• Registration is done by making a payment and this secures a roster spot.
• Teams will be formed using a hybrid draft method. This means teams or teammates may be able to play together for the abbreviated season.
• A “team” will consist of 10 skaters and a goalie.
• Subs will be arranged by me (or my designee) for players that have to miss a game so as to maintain 10 skaters and a goalie on each team.
• Tuesday skill level – intermediate to advanced
• Thursday skill level – beginner to intermediate.
• All games will be 1hr-15mins, (3) 20 min run time periods.
• Each game will have 2 referees and 2 scorekeepers.
• Schedule and standings will be provided and will be posted and maintained on the NMHockey website
• No playoffs for this short season.
• Everyone will need to have a dark and a white jersey. If you do not have one or the other, just let me know (if you didn’t already fill out the questionnaire.)

Tuesday league season dates, times and duration:

• October 25 – December 20 (Off November 22)
• 8:00PM-9:15PM & 9:30PM-10:45PM
• 8 weeks of play

Thursday league season dates, times and duration:

• October 27 – December 22 (Off November 24)
• 8:00PM-9:15PM & 9:30PM-10:45PM
• 8 weeks of play


• Skaters – $144 for the 8 weeks (payment may be split into (2) $72 payments)
• Goalies – $72 for the 8 weeks

How to sign up:

We will be at the MAC the following days and times taking payments in person.
• Tuesday, October 11 – 7:30PM-9:30PM
• Thursday, October 13 – 7:30PM-9:30PM
• Tuesday, October 18 – 7:30PM-9:30PM
• Thursday, October 20 – 7:30PM-9:30PM

IN-PERSON REGISTRATION: Cash or checks are fine. Checks should be made out to NMHockey.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: If you wish to register online by credit card, you can use the following PayPal links. Normally, there is a 3% fee associated to this, but I have waived that for the abbreviated season. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use these links.

MAS Payment Options


We have created a short questionnaire for the current MAC league players. This information will allow us to understand each player a bit better, as well as gather current contact info. Please click on the link for the PDF below. This PDF is editable, but you cannot save it, but you can print it. Please fill out the fields, print and bring it to your game this week. We will also have hard copies available this Tuesday and Thursday night if you’d rather just fill one out then.

MAC Player Questionnaire

**Please note, NMHockey does not distribute or share contact info with other players, other than providing player email addresses to each player’s respective team captain.



We are very excited to announce NMHockey will now be organizing the adult hockey at the MAC (formally Blades)! This is a bit of a homecoming of sorts for the league. The NMHockey league has its roots in the summer of 2002 when no league existed for beginner men or women to learn to play ice hockey, where they could have fun and develop their skills in a non-threatening environment. Wanting to play hockey with similarly skilled players, ice time was reserved at Blades for a beginner hockey game. It was hoped that enough people would show up to make two teams. By the end of the night, we had enough excited hockey-player wanna-bes for four teams (teams red, black, blue and white), a ten-week commitment with the rink and the league name of BCHL. This would later become the NMHockey league.

We are in the process of working out all the details for an abbreviated season starting mid-October. We plan to roster 4 full teams (10 skaters and a goalie) on Tuesdays and on Thursdays. We anticipate a skill/experience range on Tuesday night of intermediate-advanced (C+ to B) players and on Thursday nights, beginner to intermediate (E to C) players.

We will be modifying the website to fully include the MAC league by the end of December. In the interim, we will continue to post details as they become available on this page, as well as utilize this page as a launch point for MAC standings, stats, etc…

We very much look forward to getting to know all the players currently playing at the MAC and expect this will be a great relationship moving forward.